Saturday, May 15, 2010

'Ard Boyz 2010

So this year I will not be attending the 'Ard Boyz competition. Mainly because I simply do not have the miniatures or time this year. Not wanting to go out and be yet another Leafblower player hoping that lightning can strike twice; I have a 2,500 point army that will be built up over the course of this coming year in anticipation of next year's competition. Also, since TheNecro is canceled for 2010, there simply aren't any good, large tournaments in the southeast area with the exception of BoLS-Con. With that being said I am currently on plan to head up to Games Day 2010 in Baltimore but those plans may change to BoLS-Con depending on finances.

To all the players who are duking it out at 'Ard Boyz today, best of luck!

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