Friday, November 26, 2010

The absence...

Just wanted to make a quick update and let folks know that I am alive and well. Been busy after the surgery and follow-up physical therapy; moved to yet another house (much better location and lease agreement) and have made limited progress on several armies. Mostly Trollbloods for WarmaHordes and a number of painting contracts, including a FW Avatar w/sword. In other news, I finished assembling the Hydra squadron and have gotten access to an airbrush; looking forward getting re-acquainted with the medium and cranking out some IG tanks. I will post pics this weekend and have an update or two. Thanks for sticking by and watching the shenanigans!


  1. Hey, hope you get better soon mate. My mom had major problems with her knee too and I know how much of a drawback it can be.

    Since I bought my first airbrush last year and started using it to paint my IG tanks I got much better results than just using a brush. It's amazing how many option it gives you and how much it speeds up the whole process :)

  2. Thx man. I am looking forward to getting back into the medium and blowing out the tanks in short order. Just a little pensive without testing the medium first. Glad to see you checking the page. Stay tuned.