Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the painting desk!

Officer of the Fleet - Front
Officer of the Fleet - Back
Smokin' Aces Vet Squad
(3w/plasmaguns, 7w/shotguns)
More on these guys when they get finished.

Calaban the Gravewalker for WarmaHordes. Almost completed project for a customer.
Still cranking away at getting more of the army done. Trying to avoid the basic infantry for as long as possible because I have some figs to add to them (see below) and they will burn me out pretty quickly. In other news, a very good buddy of mine is putting the finishing touches on a fully converted squad of female IG based off from the DE Wyches box set. I plan on intermingling the girls in with my normal infantry squads to add a little variation.
Next up after the vets is the finished Astropath, then on to the Psyker Battle Squad conversions. I pillaged a buddies Ork bitz last night in order to get some of the spent shell bitz from the Ork bikerz to add some action to my heavy weapons teams. Guess they will need some paint soon too.
Lastly, it looks like I will be able to post up some video battle reports here pretty soon. Looking forward to showing the lads in action. See you guys soon!


  1. Really liking the paint scheme for the Officer of the Fleet. A good alternative to the blue shown by GW.

  2. Thx. I got the idea from the Dan Abnett novel "Double Eagle". The Segmentum Pacifica fleet uses green uniforms. Thought it was a neat scheme so I used it for him and my BFG fleet.