Wednesday, April 4, 2012

...serves me right...

So for the last few months I have had zero free time so have just been slowly adding to my model collections for Infinity, WarmaHordes and FoW. I decided that since I am keeping my GW armies I may as well finish the original ideas for both the IG and the Howling Griffons. With that thought in mind I picked up the last box set of assault marines I needed and a FarceCast Chaplain with jump pack. And behold:
I contacted Cust Serv at GW and spoke with a rep who has since shipped me out a replacement. It always amazes me how they are "surprised" to hear that there was a problem with a FineCast model. Really?!?! Are you not allowed to use the internet? Type in FineCast on Google images and look at the war crimes. Now sure, I can green stuff and repair most of this damage, but I didn't pay $18.25 to piss away a day's worth of time repairing a miniature that should have never left the factory to begin with.(Special thanks to Wibblethefish for such a poignant drawing)

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  1. I had problems with the same model and weapon -