Friday, October 5, 2012

Airbrush-y goodness

So I finally broke down and picked up an airbrush of my very own.  After watching some tutorials and vids by Schnauzerface on YouTube I can't help but feel this is the direction I need to head in.  I had the opportunity to speak with the local distributor for the Harder & Steenbeck line of airbrushes at a local convention about a year ago and I have to say these machines are amazing.  Not to mention his shop is about 45 mins away so in a pinch I can get it fixed post-haste.  It also follows my belief of buying quality; instead of replacing the cheapest thing I can find every 6 months.  I found a deal on a really good compressor on the cheap so it seems like everything is falling into place.  I ordered the Cygnar Stormwall colossal and the Trollblood Mountain King colossal for WarmaHordes.  I also have some Dust Warfare tanks to do on commission so the idea is to get the spray area set up, practice a bit on some of my models, and then start slinging some serious paint.  I am very excited to see what I can create using this new airbrush.  Wish me luck!

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