Friday, April 8, 2011

Let me show you on the doll where the BA touched me...

So I played a game vs Dave's Lamenters (Blood Angels) army. It was definitely not my day. We played 2k capture and control w/ DoW setup.
My break away unit surrounded and wiped.
4 turns of the Librarian and termy fighting a dread.
The Angels in my base...killin my dudes...
The green tape is ablative armor...
The dead pool rising.
End game contest from the Stormchicken.
Dave's Stormraven closes in.
This is not daunting at all.
The game set up.
Turn 1 sees the Land Raider off...
Just a terrain shot.
Terminators surrounded the Stormraven...and did nothing...Whoo hoo!
The yellow surfer!
Mid scrum!

All in all it was an awesome game vs. a good opponent. The biggest hindrance on the table was my dice. I literally rolled 4 ones to wipe out my termy squad. Two of the squads melta-guns did not hit even once this game. These things happen; now I have to do better in the upcoming rematch.


  1. Look at it this way...if you never lose, you can never feel the satisfaction of REVENGE! ;-)