Monday, April 4, 2011

Battle pics

So I apologize for the break. My other hobby is the Society for Creative Anachronism ( and I have recently returned from a week long event in MS. Now back in the 40K saddle we played some games and I took some pics. These are from a battle between my Howling Griffons (chickens) and my buddy Austin's Mantis Warriors. This was a standard 2k game, pitched battle, annihilation.
drop pods a go go
bit of a scrum under the landing pad.
Dread drops in behind my Vindy. Luckily that oil spill will slow him down...
A view from his side
After the tac squad lost it's Rhino they went on to claim 2 dreads and 3 drop pods, without ever leaving the comfort of the crater...
Turn one the Griffons drive headlong into the fray
Regio (Pedro) and the Sternguard lose an axle on their Rhino so hussle into another nearby APC
Austin's term chappy and lads running to kill my Vindy..but just before the assault it gets wrecked
The big scrum in the middle sees off my tac squad and leaves Marneus with one wound remaining.

We rolled for the game to end on after 6th turn with a clear KP win for my boys but opted to play out the 7th turn for funsies. Final tally was 10kp to 19kp victory for the Griffons!

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