Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hydras! (pic heavy)

So I decided a few posts back that I needed some heavier firepower in the 109. After the Manticores were purchased I started pondering the Hydra. Great tank, cheap points but expensive models from FW. So after scouring the internets, I stumbled across a fellow who was converting Aegis defense line parts into Hydras. With my scratch-build nerves alight I grabbed the following WIP pics off his blog. Before I get too far into this, I cannot for the life of me find the blog again, I thought I bookmarked it but alas it is missing. With that said if anyone finds the blog this gentleman posted his work too please let me know so I can link the credit. This is 100% his ingenuity and deserves kudos. With that said, here are his photos:
He uses barrels from Bic pens for his AC barrels, I picked up plasticard tubing from Hobbytown USA for mine.

Step by step pages.

With this info in hand, I dug out my defense lines and went to town with saw and drill.
Dead is dead.
Parts is parts.
Dead guys is parts.

Barrel extension test.
Simple, fast, nice looking!
All three turrets done.

Tank company commander consulting the most up-to-date aerial intelligence.
I love this tank crew model, very characterful for a chap missing everything from the waste down.

So with all the turrets completed, metal rung steps included, I am waiting on my order of Chimeras to arrive. Once here I can start the process of crafting a flat panel for these turrets to sit on. I will post more on that when the time comes.

UPDATE: Special thanks to a kind reader who pointed out the original thinker behind this conversion is none other than Admiral Drax. Please stop by his blog. This was 100% his ideas. All I did was make a couple slight changes to spice mine up. Thanks Admiral Drax!


  1. Those fingers belong to Admiral Drax!
    Great to see someone else try this great conversion. What did you use for the barrel extensions?

  2. Thx for solving that mystery! I picked up some plastic tubing from the local Hobbytown USA that was the correct size.

  3. Mate, you are very welcome indeed - and your turrets look spankingly good!

    I had you saved in my favourites but not - it would appear - on my blogroll. FOrgive me: that has now been rectified.

    ANd your models are awesome!

    Glad to be of help with the hydra stuff...

    - D.