Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So after seeing that GW was releasing a Manticore kit I scrapped my plans of scratch-building them. Instead I picked up a couple of the new models, and re-focused my efforts on planning out some Hydras. More on that project in a bit.

Front View (imposing!)
Side View
Rear View
Side View
Twins, Basil, TWINS!!

I absolutely cannot wait to drop these templates on some poor undeserving soul. But in proper Grimdark fashion, "There is no such thing as innocence, only varying degrees of guilt."


  1. From the look of the kit is there a way to magnatize it to get both variants?

  2. You have to use part of the manticore missiles in order to make the deathstrike, so technically, if wanted to invest the time and effort you could magnetize parts from 2 missiles and the carriage. Quite frankly, I plan on just purchasing a kit and making a deathstrike in the future. The $50 is more efficient than the effort.