Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simple Green!

So a friend of mine gave me some old 2nd ed Death Guard mini's, they were in good condition except for the paint. Fourteen years of basecoat, paint and repaint. So after perusing the internets and seeing a myriad sites expounding the greatness of the Simple Green product, I figured I'd give it a shot. Not to mention, my fiance had a bottle of it in the house which she does not use because "It doesn't smell very good, you know, like clean." In my opinion she seems to be rather nit-picky about these kinds of things (**edit** Under no circumstances is my beautiful, loving fiance at all nit-picky she just has ways she wants things. This message was not added under coercion. Yeah Right**) Moving along, I dropped the 5 figs (plastic and all) in a glass jug of Simple Green and let 'em sit over night. Got up this morning and took an old toothbrush to each one and viola! Simple, easy, awesome! All I can say after using this product is this, if the Miniature Gods made a better product for getting old paint off from models, they kept it for themselves. No pitting or jelling of the plastic, no residue, nothing. Didn't even interact with the old CA glue. Which I will go in and pick out with tweezers.

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