Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Completed Lilith and whats next!

To all faithful observers I apologize this post is a little late. The whole house has come down with the flu and wiped us out. Very little progress has been made on the miniature front. Without further excuse I bring you the completed Lillith and some glimpses of whats next.

Very pleased with the final result on her. Up next a project for a client. The pic below is not my work but instead what I am basing my green stuffing on. Lue Bangs here on the boards has requested this style for his 2 Iron Priests. I will post the final works when completed.
And lastly; you know you have been in a hobby too long when you decide to do a vanila Marine army and after a short perusal of your bits you CRAP OUT 1850pts. Thats right, I had an entire 1850+ army just in my bits...sad. Nonetheless the Howling Griffons will be making their painting debut here on the blog. Because I don't have enough to do already.

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