Saturday, February 19, 2011

Progress on the painting desk!

So with the ideas fresh in my melon here is the Chapter Master Regio Venator (Pedro Kantor for those keeping track on the home game.)

Above is Codicier Maxamillian Stark with kung-fu magnet hand grip!
And lastly, a Canis Wolfborn I am painting for a client.

So I bought a new digital camera and have been toying with it. The pics in this post are from the new Canon. Hope you enjoy! Picked up the Griffons Landspeeder and the Vindicator. More pics with them as soon as the quartering is done. Also, going through the steps to put a red LED in my Crusader. I get tired of painting the interior for no reason, so adding a little light will make it pop in my eyes.


  1. Sweet stuff bro, that libby is coming along great. Can't wait to whoop his arse!

  2. Check out before 2/28/11.

  3. Meh. The contest rules are not for me. Not interested in painting a model and mailing it off and not expecting to see it again. Not to mention the case is unimpressive.