Monday, February 28, 2011

Terrain Building Extravaganza!

So I wanted to get some terrain knocked out before the start of the Badab War campaign here at the house. Below is the first fruits of that effort. Starting with a game in progress here at the house between the Ultramarines 2nd company and da Red Orkses across the new industrial world terrain. Austin leading the dOrks and Az leading the Ultras in a DoW, Annihilation mission.

Silly Battlewagon, that's not a street, that's a building.
Things look grim for those Ultras.
Bombed out building interior
Game ended in a 6 to 2 KP win for the da Red Orkses!

This is the Agriworld terrain that my wonderful gf helped me assemble.
Pumping fan.
Alien Flora
Power station. Going to add some cotton smoke from those vents I think.
These pod things are always creepy looking. Too much 4chan I think.
Ancient alien tech.
Harvestable plant for feeding the mewling masses of the hive cities.
The (almost finished) Agri table.
The dumptruck will need to be modeled a little bit and painted.

Onward to my Industrial world terrain!
Shrine to Macharias
Shrine to Marines.
Subway entrance. Love the visual effect.
Aquila Square
Space Wolf Rhino husk
Bombed out Rhino from GW. Also Space Wolf, lookin at you Lue.

All said and done I am stoked about not only the terrain that is finished but also what is to come. Onward to get my Howling Griffons done before the start of the war!


  1. Hahaha, thats if the get that far!

  2. Terrain coming along great especially those alien flores!