Thursday, May 19, 2011

Airbrushing done...finally

"The Resolute" Cmd APC
Side angle view
Hydra battery
"Churner" Cmd APC
The Manticores
One Leman Russ and two Demolisher pattern Russes.
Snapped off a spotlight during painting.
Glory to the mailed fist of the Emprah!
Screen broke, tilt head.
Mmmmm formidable
Hydras, Manticores and the chassis for my FW Medusa kit.

So after months of scheduling conflicts I finally got over to my buddy's house to use his airbrush. It took about 2 hrs and a full bottle of Vallejo Air to complete EVERY one of my Chimera chassis tanks. From this point I will apply a gloss coat and start weathering. I am very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the airbrush and look forward to attempting some more advanced techniques.


  1. very nice looking armour. what airbrush do you use?

  2. A very old Pasche airbrush. Gravity fed.

  3. What is the chassis for the Hydras? Is it manticore or standard chimera?