Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Sunday gaming!

"Whas goin' on?"
A little Howling Griffons Vs. Mantis Warriors action for our Badab War campaign. 2k, IA allowed, 5 objectives, DoW deployment. Mantis Warriors chose to go first.
Rumble in the center!
Regio (counts as Marneus) and a horde of assault termies handling the main push of his army. PS: the Caestus Assault Ram is brutal!
The almost completed Chapter Master Regio Venator, (counts as Marneus version) more on him in a bit.

A win for the Howling Griffons (10pts for Gryffindor!) Through sheer weight of terminators and the beauty of the Caestus Ram I managed to pull off a win. The game ended with me holding 2 objectives to 0.
My cat Peezant, re-purposing boxes since '07

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