Friday, August 13, 2010


I apologise to the community for being absent for a bit. I had knee surgery last Thursday to repair the meridial miniscus in my right knee and have had some substantial downtime (literally) since. Nonetheless, my LGS has been on a huge Warmachine/Hordes kick and I have found myself squarely on the band wagon. Since the release of 8th edition WFB, the WORST incarnation of the game in my opinion, I have been looking for a new game to replace my fantasy kick. With that and some substantial leave from work I decided to take on some painting contracts. For those of you unfamiliar with the Privateer Press miniatures, they are AMAZING and I wanted to paint as many models from the different factions as possible (without ponying up the cash to make/paint several armies). My only complaint, or caveat as it may be, is that I have ran into some issues with gaps in the models, mostly on some of the warbeasts; luckily I am proficient enough with Green Stuff to have corrected the problems myself. I have decided on the Trollbloods faction from the Hordes system. Below is an epic Sorscha model I painted for a client. In the background is a War Hog, also for a client, and my lone Madrik waiting for his albino fleshtone.

All being said I am wrapped up in getting a lot of commission work completed while I am out on leave. As they say, "Idle hands will wander to World of Warcraft or the coveted Starcraft 2". I will post up pics of the finished War Hog and the The Butcher of Khardov and soon as I get a free minute to snap photos. I am also working on some of my IG troopers, 3 ghoul tableu stands for a client (using some of the Kings of War miniatures, more on them later), some Retribution of Scyrah for a client, and lastly a Chaos Lord on Horse for a client as well. Someday, I may even actually paint some of my Trollbloods! All these photos will grace the site soon. Till then dear readers, good fight, and good night!

P.S: Thanks for getting me up to 16 followers, was nice logging in and seeing some new faces, and thanks to those of you for sticking around. I will hobble off to bed now.