Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Infinity...and beyond!

So I have been on the look out for some new games to sate my appetite for painting and modeling. I was introduced to Infinity a few years ago by a buddy who was the manager of a local game store. At the time I didn't think to much into it. Now, since WarmaHordes is satiating my taste for fantasy and high adventure, it was time to look for some futuristic mayhem. Enter Infinity.

Firstly, the miniatures are amazing! (I am noticing a theme with my game choices...) I mean the sculpts are truly awe inspiring. The poses and dynamics of the figures are a fresh look at 28mm. Secondly, the fluff to this game is great! And somewhat scary if you consider at the level of realism that has gone into the game's concepts. Thirdly, the rule-set! For the first time in the history of my gaming experience BOTH players are engaged simultaneously over the course of the game. So no more "Horde ork movement phase? Go ahead I'll catch up with you when your done. Next Tuesday good?" games. It reminds me in a small way to the 2nd ed 40K rule of Overwatch, just on a much larger scale. And lastly, the price! The rules are free! The minis are very reasonable for the quality you are getting, and it is a small skirmish game. So about 7-10 models, some factions even less, and you have a complete army! Do yourself a favor and watch the YouTube video below from the manufacturer Corvus Belli.

So yeah, good stuff! After looking through the models and factions it was a toss up between the AI bots of Aleph or the rough and tumble outworlders, the Nomads. In the end I went with Aleph. They remind me of my beloved 2nd ed Eldar with the grace and destructive prowess.

I picked up the starter box set at a steal on eBay. Instead of the purple "lights" pictured here I am going with a blue/teal as in the "Ghost" pic above. More when I get some actual painting done.

In my next post Malifaux? Malifaux. Till next time, good gaming!