Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trollbloods in the Journeyman League

 So my LGS is running a Journeyman League starting today.  Below is the bulk of the models I have gathered and plan on painting for the league.  In addition to this I will be picking up 2 units of Longriders, 2 war wagons, and a Mountain King.

Missing from the pics are the extreme Mauler, and Jarl Skuld.  Six weeks to paint it all...
We'll see.

So as a gamer I end up with a lot of miniatures. I happen to play a number of different games and therefore deal with a few different companies.  A couple weeks back I picked up a Hordes Trollblood Swamp Troll online for my budding WarmaHordes faction and when it arrived is was missing a number of parts, damn near all of them.  I used the easy replacement form on PP's web page and ended up only getting one of the arms I was missing. I submitted the following email to them to clarify what was occurring.  The picture below is what I received in the mail along with the correct replacement parts.

This is the correct way, in my opinion, to handle an issue. No blame game, no 'please submit 27 copies of every form you find' crap, just a little note and the parts.  In fact, it kinda made me laugh. Privateer Press has continuously surprised me at their level of commitment to their game, their fans, and supporting a strong product through coherent rules and community interaction.  Please keep up the great work guys.  You have made a fan for life.