Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lara Walter, Axis Officer

close up of plate details

Really happy with the way this model turned out.  I am very excited about this game and since I have a week of work due to the storms here in used-to-be-sunny-Tampa, FL I have been making strides to get the basic set completed.  See you soon!

Dust Warfare

Amazing new game!

Light Panzer "Hans"

Sturmpionere Squad
 So I have been busily finishing my Germans for FoW and low and behold a buddy of mine gifts me with a set of the Germans from his Dust Tactics Revised Edition box set.  Beautiful models that come pre-assembled and pre-base coated!  With a small effort I changed some poses and then glued the models in place for painting.  All the models from Tactics are useable in Warfare.  We met up at the LGS and tested out some of the rules and I have to say I am very impressed with the ease of game. More pics to come and some of my finished FoW Germans.