Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chaplain Dreadnought assembled.

Inferno cannon and fisty goodness.
Power core.
Wee ferocious head.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Airbrushing done...finally

"The Resolute" Cmd APC
Side angle view
Hydra battery
"Churner" Cmd APC
The Manticores
One Leman Russ and two Demolisher pattern Russes.
Snapped off a spotlight during painting.
Glory to the mailed fist of the Emprah!
Screen broke, tilt head.
Mmmmm formidable
Hydras, Manticores and the chassis for my FW Medusa kit.

So after months of scheduling conflicts I finally got over to my buddy's house to use his airbrush. It took about 2 hrs and a full bottle of Vallejo Air to complete EVERY one of my Chimera chassis tanks. From this point I will apply a gloss coat and start weathering. I am very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the airbrush and look forward to attempting some more advanced techniques.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Death Korp test model

So I finished the test model for the Death Korp. I really like the way this came out.
Mud. Lots o' mud.

Close-up on the rebreather.

I like the wet look on the mud.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Badab War grows!

My group is on to Phase II of the Badab War campaign from Imperial Armour 9 and 10. I figuredI would post up some of our results, both as a play aid for the group but also as a synopses for what has been done so far. The rules are used exactly as presented in the campaign section of Imperial Armour 9. The players are only allowed armies from Codex: Space Marines, Codex:Blood Angels (Lamenters), Codex: Chaos Space Marines, and Codex: Imperial Guard. Of course, all items in Imperial Armour books are also allowed but must be represented by the FW model or a suitable conversion.

Firstly, the group.

Austin - Mantis Warriors
Christian - Red Corsairs Pirates (Chaos Warband)
Dave - Lamenters (BA)

Ken - Charcharodons
Mark - Red Scorpions
Myself - Howling Griffons

Phase I: Shadows of War
Ken Vs. Dave - Boarding Action; Loyalist Victory +3CP
Christian Vs. Ken - Boarding Action; Forces of Ruin Victory +0CP
Dave Vs. Christian - Boarding Action; Secessionist Victory +1CP
Me Vs. Austin - Loyalist Victory +1CP
Dave Vs. Mark - Secessionist Victory +1CP
Bellerophon's Fall 4-way game - Secessionist Victory +4CP

Phase I Final Scores:
Secessionists 6CP
Loyalists 4CP

The Secessionists have won Phase I and get the "Corsair Traffic" special rule. From this point on Secessionist players get to re-roll the scatter distance of deep strikers in Phases 2, 3, and 4. Also, we added Mark to the group so Christian's Chaos army went from a Forces of Ruin to a Secessionist army. We decided for fluff purposes, which is the point of campaign, that Christian's army represents the Red Corsair's prior to their takeover by Lugft Huron.

Phase II: Tide of Destruction
Dave Vs. Ken - Secessionist Victory +2CP
Dave Vs. Mark - Secessionist Victory +2CP

So that is the current state of affairs. I will continue posting the results of our war. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sternguard done!

Honored Sergeant Tiberius Balen of the 1st Co., 3rd Sternguard Squad

These models took me almost three weeks to finish because of various interruptions throughout the process. Finally, they are completed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Sunday gaming!

"Whas goin' on?"
A little Howling Griffons Vs. Mantis Warriors action for our Badab War campaign. 2k, IA allowed, 5 objectives, DoW deployment. Mantis Warriors chose to go first.
Rumble in the center!
Regio (counts as Marneus) and a horde of assault termies handling the main push of his army. PS: the Caestus Assault Ram is brutal!
The almost completed Chapter Master Regio Venator, (counts as Marneus version) more on him in a bit.

A win for the Howling Griffons (10pts for Gryffindor!) Through sheer weight of terminators and the beauty of the Caestus Ram I managed to pull off a win. The game ended with me holding 2 objectives to 0.
My cat Peezant, re-purposing boxes since '07